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Coming Soon Homes 5/27/19

Happy Tuesday agents!

Though we typically release a new Restless Real Estate episode every Monday, in reflection for the Memorial Day holiday, we decided to release our next episode the following day. So while Marti takes a much-needed break from The Daily Grind, I want to introduce myself. My name is Deborah Brownell, Director over Sales and Marketing for Coming Soon Homes. Now, to take over today's episode, we cover a session that was held last week between real estate agent Rebekah Brock, listing specialist on Marti Hamptons team in Raleigh North Carolina, and also myself. 

In this session we cover some critical ways Rebekah has increased her listing production and leveraged unique marketing strategies to help her stand out in listing appointments.

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Deb: Hey you! 

Rebekah: Hey Deborah! How ya doin?

Deb: I’m good! Tell me! Who you are, where you are from, and what company are you with? 

Rebekah: I’m Rebekah Brock, and I'm from the West but I work for Marti Hamptons team in Raleigh North Carolina at RE/MAX One Realty. I started in 2002 in Denver with a small boutique firm which merged with a RE/MAX affiliate in 2008 during the start of the downturn. I've been full-time in real estate since then and I really hate to tell you how I got into real estate, but I will!

Deb: Tell me! Tell me! 

Rebekah: It was at after the dot com crisis and then this terrorist attack, I was managing a marketing firm that was in print and we just started to move into the digital world, and we fell apart after the terrorist attack cuz all of our clients were high-tech and they pulled back on their marketing budgets. And when I was out there thinking well what can I do now in a slower market. And I said “stupider people than me have made a living historically in real estate” and I gave real estate a try! And I've been here ever since! But like all things I was ready for an adventure, and I wanted to be closer to family. So being that real estate is a portable career, I picked up and ported it over to the East coast. So here I am. 

Deb: So, what has evolved in your business today what's your focus point?

Rebekah: Sure. I found that my marketing background helped with the sell side a bit more than the buy side. So that's where I used my skill sets to help sellers sell their home. And I'm just going to jump right into it...Coming Soon Homes is a fantastic marketing vehicle for me to use as an agent with sellers. Versus almost anything else we use right now.

Deb: I mean and let’s just chat about that for a minute. Let’s just be honest! I mean you’ve been up against pretty heavy hitter competitors on listing appointments. Not to mention, agent competition. Now you have cash offer companies, quick sale companies, discount brokers all those different options so you're even more up against additional competition. And especially in this particular market in Raleigh since it seems to be the beta place for new tech systems! So I mean, tell me! With all of that increased pressure of getting those closings, you know, making the conversions of your listings. How and why has Coming Soon Homes, from what you’ve experienced been a part at doing that? 

Rebekah: See we've got two sets of buyers out there. The buyers that are just shopping for convenience and their houses are kind of crappy to be honest with you. And sometimes the convenience of these ibuyer offers may be a better option for them. However, when they have a really nice house, which I think 80% of the people we talk to, have really nice homes. They want two things. They want Marti Hamptons pizzaz and her marketing skill and part of that is the Coming Soon Homes, which really becomes the second major factor that we can offer. Which is, preliminary marketing on the internet that no one else can do, that doesn't cost them days on market on the MLS. And we get exposure! We often get, I as the listing agent get the inquiries about the homes overtime and follow up with them which helps generate more business either for the buyer pool for buyer agents or it starts conversations about future sales. It's up to the seller as to whether they want to go ahead and then open their house up for a preliminary showing. That's really their decision as to what they want to do with that, but it gives us the opportunity to get in front of people, ahead of the game and I find that we have buyers coming in from all over the country wanting to know information about the homes. In fact, I listed at home that was about six months early on Coming Soon Homes, just to help people understand what is coming on the market so that they can make their plans.

Deb: That’s phenomenal! I mean when you are going to these listing appointments and sitting down with these homeowners, from a variety of different price points, what are you seeing from from the seller's point of view, what do they really care about? Do they really care about the marketing and if so what differentiates your marketing versus Joe Schmo average agent down the road?

Rebekah: Well, first thing they want to do is get their house sold, bar none, they want it sold. And I think what they like about Marti Hampton is that she's caught up with, and excelled at the electronic marketing on the internet. The Coming Soon Homes again is another specific thing that they like, not just the sign rider that says “coming soon”, it's a real deal! But really, you know most people understand that Marti being the number one resale agent in the Raleigh are. When you sell that many homes, it’s not because you're pretty, or you're nice, or you sound great on the radio, it's because you know how to sell homes and you get it done! So they're wanting to align themselves with an agent that has some traction and a track record of prove ability of being able to sell houses.

Deb: Now I know you’ve probably been in an appointment and the sellers says, “hey, love this coming soon idea, it makes total sense, BUT I need to sell now.” What do you say to that circumstance? How do you handle a little bit of hash back?

Rebekah: I need to sell right now let’s put it on the market, my question to them is “are you ready to put it on the market?” How does the house really look?

Deb: What a question!! 

Rebekah: Lets turn it back around in the sense that if they truly are, and they have done their homework. Which maybe 10% have done before they call us, most people still need to have our stager come through and tell them what to put away, what to move from here to there, and get the house prepped. But we can be quick about that! We’ve got our processes in place so that we could really pretty much put a house on the market within 2 days up to 10 days. 10 days is a gift! 2 days if we had to, if the house is ready, we could get the photos, get the floor plans, and get that out. And I really want to make a point of saying, I love Martis focus on getting photos from professionals. We don’t do them as agents. We get them done by the Cadillac services offered in the Raleigh area. So good good good photographers. But yes, I mean we can make it happen if they need to right now. 

Deb: So I mean in that circumstance, let's say you were able to push that process through, you have two days before it goes active. Do you still find value on still putting the listing on the coming soon site even know it's going to go active in a couple days?

Rebekah: Absolutely! Because people go to Coming Soon Homes because they want to know what's coming on the market and they then seen what is active. And we capture the nation if you will, for that type of person that wants to know what's coming on the market. So it being active, on Coming Soon Homes, is also terrific! 

Deb: Do you think Rebekah your conversions have increased based on now having this unique selling proposition? And feel free to say no if that's not the case, but I'm just curious because I know you come from a real estate background where you didn’t have this kind of a program under your belt! So have you seen it make a difference in actually converting those listing appointments?

Rebekah: Absolutely! In fact I called of my team back 6 7 8 9 10 12 months ago and said folks, I know RE/MAX Professionals in Denver Colorado is the coming soon affiliate out there with this offer, you need to get on board with it because it makes a big difference between getting the listing and not getting the listing!

Deb: And now we have them onboard, which is phenomenal! I got a piece of them from out there and got you over here! What does Coming Soon Homes mean to you as an agent? 

Rebekah: It is my lead marketing tool that we do differently, that nobody else has. It is my lead marketing tool. Other people can post things on Facebook and Snapchat and Twitter and Instagram and gazillion other places. But we’re the ones that have Coming Soon Homes in the Raleigh area, RE/MAX One Realty does. And thats bar none the biggest phone call I get, “ I know you have this Coming Soon Homes thing”! I love it! Thing!

Deb: Yep! It’s a big thing! 

Rebekah: It’s a big thing! I want to hear more about that! So it’s a real draw. 

Deb: Phenomenal! 

Rebekah: Yeah! It is! 

Deb: I know you know a success story of a home that you worked with the seller, put it on coming soon for x amount of time, it went active that first weekend, and something great happened. Give me a little testimonial of a property that just had phenomenal results for your client?

Rebekah: Yes I mean I'm going to just think of one right now where we’re putting a home on the market and the seller has allowed advanced showings. And I'm expecting on Thursday multiple offers on this property strictly due to Coming Soon Homes. Because there is no other place that we could put it out to a national audience and get that kind of exposure and so I'm expecting lots of offers. And we're not used to that in the southern Wake County area so it'll be kind of nice! The highest one I’ve ever done was 32 offers! 

Deb: Any agent across the country can put up a coming soon sign. They can do a cute little Facebook post, but a very limited number of agents have the access to actually have a designated place to drive those people to on a national basis. And so when it comes to really foreseeing where Coming Soon Homes can go, any would you recommend other agents whether they are an independent, a team leader, a broker-owner, or other agents who want to up their game?

Rebekah: Have your clients look at! There's nothing wrong with that! Push them to look at it, or even look at it yourself! In fact I’ve had agents text me and email me, when is this house coming on, how much is it going to be selling for? Even though that data is still on the website, some people just prefer to reach out! Its a really helpful place to have one place, one thing, to look at. Versus otherwise you would have to drive by the house, be in the neighborhood to see a coming soon property. 

Deb: Right! And no one’s driving anymore! You know, let’s be honest! Where people are spending their attention is online! And so you got to be able to represent your clients properties in a unique but valuable way that actually provides them results. Not just a little floozy kind of cute Facebook post. It has to be more than that! And so, you know I’m so happy Rebekah that you’ve been able to see the kind of success that you have. You are such a phenomenal listing agent. Honestly It is such an honor to get the opportunity to work with you and learn from you! 

Rebekah: Likewise! 

Deb: Aw thank you! So What would you recommend to any of those agents across the country? 

Rebekah: Really just sign on board with your brokerage to participate in the CSH program because that single feature to me has separated us many times over. But if I was back in Denver, I would have signed up for this feature because it gives my clients a competitive edge over other houses that nobody else could offer. You know with the brokerage back there. Yes it may cost a little money but my feeling is you get that in additional listings coming back to you. Plus you can up your business for buyers because you can get the leads for those looking to buy. They may or may not be represented. And sometimes those buyers have homes to sell! 

Deb: Oh my gosh Rebekah! Thank you so much! Thank you so much for today! I sincerely sincerely appreciate it! 

Rebekah: I am liking the fact that you offer, well what else can you do with Coming Soon Homes? You are just not left with using that. You are given ideas of how to use it. How to implement it. Not once, not twice, but many many times over because let’s face it, people need to be told lots of different times. I love your additional marketing help that you help us help our clients! 

Deb: Thank you so much! We are always going to try to be up on our game because who knows where real estate could be in five years. You know seriously! I really feel like we are at a pivotal point similar to when you know the Blockbuster versus Netflix change happened, I’m getting goosebumps talking about it - I’m such a freak! The taxi vs Uber shift. This is what's happening in our industry right now and if agents don’t catch on board before this massive shift happens, and its already shifting! 

Rebekah: It is already shifting! Exactly! 

Deb: You are going to be behind! And you won’t be able to catch up! So today is the day and so Rebekah, I mean honestly I think so many agents, in a lot of markets like Denver and specific areas of Raleigh they say yes! A lot of property in the more affordable ranges, they are saying properties are flying off the shelves. But what if you did a little but more work to get clients even better results than just 1 2 3 offers? What if you could get them 10? 32 offers or whatever? Right? So is it worth that little bit of extra work worth it for your clients?

Rebekah: Yep! Thats exactly what this tool can do! Thats exactly what this tool can do! So I appreciate your time and energy, Deborah thank you! 

Deb: Have a good day! Bye!  

Deb: I hope you enjoyed todays podcast! Be sure to leave comments and feedback. And in case you want to learn more about joining Coming Soon Homes, visit or call 919-232-9239 and don't forget to subscribe to not miss out on next Monday's episode! Talk soon! 


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