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Marti Hampton - CEO of Coming Soon Homes 2/4/19

Marti Hampton:

Hi, this is Marti Hampton for The Restless Realtor for Coming Soon Homes Radio. And today, we’re going to talk about my favorite subject again, and that is your career in residential real estate.

As you know, I’m a real estate insider, and I’ve been through all types of changing markets in our industry. And I could name them all, but that would bore you, and it would bore me. So what I want to talk to you about today is the brand new, full throttle assault on agents and their commissions.

[Sighing] I don’t know about you, but, uh, I’ve got a question for you: Do you, as an agent, ever feel a little bit like David going against Goliath? Especially when there’s a parade of new tech startup companies, uh, and all of them seem to have raised $400 million. Seriously, $400 million must be a magic number because Opendoor is $400 million. Knock? $400 million. Offerpad… Zillow didn’t have to raise any money because we agents have been feeding that swamp for a long time. 

So I've got three things for you to consider that I think will put you back on track to make real estate the career in the business you always dreamed it would be. And the first way is to make a decision:

Uh, first of all, make a decision about how big you want to be and how impactful you want to be. The second thing is make a decision whether you want to be buyer's agent, a buyer specialist, or whether you want to be a listing agent. And then, become the very best listing agent or buyer's agent. You know, really, a lawyer is not also a prosecuting attorney and a defense attorney. They make a decision. And then we make it an art form. 

Go for that workflow of a system that will make you better and will make the process better every time you do it, and then learn how to do it a lot--over and over, faster and more efficient, and improving every single time because the market doesn't stay the same, does it? It changes and we to have to change with it.

The second way I think you can make real estate what you dreamed it would be is to hook up. Once you make a decision, hook up. If you're going to be a great listing agent, believe me, you're going to need some great buyer specialist by your side. I have a team that specializes in buyer's agency and one of my top buyers agent has been with me for 18 years! No one can outdo her on the buying side of a deal. 

This business is really going be determined by the people that you associate with in the next 3-5 years and how well you get in step with each other, and it gives you more accountability on top of that. So if you want to get better, find a better partner to work with. They tell me if you play golf if you play with better players, your game is also better. And the same thing happens to you in real estate. 

Here's the last way: I want you to think about the regrets. What will you regret that you didn't do with the opportunity that you have today in residential real estate? You know, they say most people--what they really end regretting--is what they didn't do, not what they tried and failed at. Are you making the most of this opportunity of residential real estate, or are you just kind of going with the flow?

You know, this industry has tens of thousands of not-so top producers everywhere. Don't be that agent, folks. If you decide to be a one-of-a-kind, top-shelf listing agent, hook up with us ‘cause we got a great vehicle to capture more listings for your business.

We're still doing it in every kind of market that we're faced with. Get in touch with Deborah or myself today because that's it for this week's episode of the Restless Realtor on Coming Soon Homes Radio. And be sure to subscribe, and learn more about us at

Have a great day. Bye-bye.


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