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Marti Hampton CEO of Coming Soon Homes 1/29/19

Hey this is Marti Hampton for the Restless Realtor Podcast on Coming Soon Homes radio! And today's topic and question is to agents. And my question is: what do you, as an agent, do besides MLS to sell your home listings?  

And this is such a loaded question. Don’t get defensive on me! But, um, I’ve heard many things from agents. You might tell me something different, but I’ve heard: “I make an incredible flyer”; “I do extraordinary photos”; “I advertise and showcase my listings on Zillow and” And whenever I hear those things, I think: “Really? Is that all you got?” You know, it's time to be honest with ourselves as professionals if we love this industry, if we think about this as a business that we want to go forward with.

I am convinced that the reason many listings sell right now is that our market is pretty good in certain areas and certain price ranges. When an agent puts a home listing on the local MLS in a good market, when they put that home on the market on Friday, it's often sold by Monday. Now, you can tell yourself that you’re the reason that that home sold. But somewhere deep down inside, that agent knows what is true. And what’s true is they didn’t do anything special.

Listen to me–if MLS makes you, MLS can ruin you. And if you depend on MLS or Zillow or anything other–any other dragon that is surviving off our industry right now, watch your commissions evaporate.

We [have] got a better plan at Coming Soon Homes. Here is what I believe: if you are not giving you seller clients 100%, you are ripping off the people who believe in you and who depend on you to sell their home–not only for the highest price, but also the best terms. And you’ll never feel that way–you’ll never feel that way again–that you are letting them down–when you learn to bring all the buyers to your home seller that will buy their house.

And that is what we do everyday at Coming Soon Homes. Check us out! Contact Deborah or me. Bye-bye! This is Marti Hampton for the Restless Realtor! Bye-bye!


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