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The Coming Soon Team 2/15/18


So you're using Facebook to promote your listings -- that's great! You're already ahead of the competition that's NOT leveraging social media channels. But guess what? Slowly but surely, other agents are realizing that Facebook is a great place to connect with prospective home buyers and sellers. Your mission this year -- Find smarter, strategic ways to set yourself apart from the online crowd, and find smarter, strategic ways to use social media to your advantage.


Below we have shown you a few Facebook post examples of 'coming soon' listings that agents have published online. We want to show some tough love and help you learn how to build your listing posts to generate real-time leads!


Let's be honest, some agents LOVE Zillow, and others HATE it. However, Zillow is known for being the biggest and baddest online real estate portal for active listings, so let's still give credit where credit is due.

Due to a dramatic shift in how agents are promoting homes, Zillow recently added a "coming soon" section to aid agents in pre-exposing their listings online. Sounds great right? Definitely can be, but sadly not for everyone. Unless you pay out the big bucks every month to be a Premier Member, you won't even have access to the "coming soon" section. On top of that, if a buyer is already in Zillow searching for homes, it is rather difficult to even locate them! If you think about it, Zillow is known for active listings, but NOT widely known for listings BEFORE they hit the market.

If you look at the first Facebook post example above, this agent drives all interested traffic back to Zillow directly. One big issue we see with this is the visual representation of the home. By just sharing the listing link off Zillow, it only provides a basic picture of your listing. Nothing sticks out on the post, and hundreds of thousands of other agents do this same thing.

Shocker: NOTHING is unique about it!


Spending time and money on design apps can definitely be fun, but also extremely time consuming! The agent who created the post above took extra time to visually make their listing stand out from the "crowd", however there are a few things that could have been improved logistically.

The post above is not just an image, but an eye catching GIF with movement. Yet another way to showcase your listing in a more unique way. However, this post was shared into a Facebook group, and the agent provided no link to re-direct interested buyers back to.

A HUGE tip in marketing 101; ALWAYS drive traffic back SOMEWHERE.

For example, agents should use a website like ours that was BUILT to capture leads FOR YOU. We believe in the method of pointing the public to YOU and YOUR listings before they hit Zillow, the MLS and begin showings.


Throwback to the 90's are you ready? 

Facebook messenger is now considered the 'AOL Instant Messenger' of the 21st Century, have you jumped on board yet?

While this tool is a GREAT way to stimulate conversation about your listings, not every buyer is comfortable using it, and it never guarantees generating quality leads. Not to mention, YOU (the agent) must be able to QUICKLY and ENTHUSIASTICALLY respond to each individual message! Can you keep up?

If you take a look at the post above, this agent took some lovely pictures of the coming soon listing. We totally agree that having more than one image is ALWAYS better, as long as those pictures do "justice" to the home you are showcasing.

Think about it... have you been in a situation where you have a coming soon listing, but could not even imagine showing the outside of the home yet? Maybe it needs landscaping, a new roof, new paint, etc. In this case, MOST agents are unable to begin promoting this kind of property at this stage.

However, agents who use can upload listings the SECOND you get a listing agreement in hand (even WITHOUT A PHOTO)!

How can you get leads off a listing WITHOUT a picture? We have the secret!

Last but not least, do you see something missing again from the post above?

This agent did not add a link to re-direct interested buyer traffic to! Yet again, they may get likes, comments, shares, and messages, but a heavy majority of engagement never turns into a legitimate lead!


Great news, there is a fast, free, and EASY way to get the word out about your new coming soon listing!

Facebook Live is ONE answer.

Due to this being a rather new offering, Facebook prefers to show live videos FIRST over all other kinds of content, including regular videos, GIF, and images. So if you are looking for FAST exposure, you need to be working Facebook Live.

If you look at the agent post above, this agent shares STRONG details about how awesome this home is in her video. However, do you see something missing? A LINK TO RE-DIRECT interested buyer traffic to!! This video has 939 views, and more than likely missed out on capturing A LOT of buyer leads! What a bummer!

Folks, it's time to do things right, or not at all! Take your pick!


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