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The Coming Soon Team 11/14/17

No matter what Indeed, Zip Recruiter, or LinkedIn promise, finding good talent is never easy.

The rule of thumb should always be quality over quantity when searching for top talent to join your real estate team or brokerage. 

American author, salesman, and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar once said: “You don't build a business – you build people – and then people build your business.” In other words: your agents decide whether your business will fail, stagnate, or flourish. You decide if growing your business is a priority to you; if it is, then finding game-changing agents is a priority to you.

Sometimes, agents you’d like to recruit aren’t interested in you or your company. Here’s why:

5 Offerings That Attract Top Agents to Your Company: 

  1. Have a unique selling proposition
  2. Deliver top-notch marketing
  3. Demonstrate white-glove customer service
  4. Provide hands-on training
  5. Develop an incentive program 


Have a unique selling proposition.

Podcast host Tom Ferry spoke on Episode 56 of The Tom Ferry Show and said: “Agents without a USP are insecure, hoping, and feel like just another realtor.” Why start with the USP? Because top agents desire what average agents do not have. Some sort of tool, feature, or service that only your agents can provide in your market. Something your competition CANNOT duplicate.

Not all USPs stay relevant, so be aware and have a plan. A great example of this is the popular ‘guaranteed sale program’. This was a temporary trend that a majority of agents now offer to entice sellers to work with them versus competition. You may have heard about promoting listings as ‘coming soon’- before they hit the market. Now THIS is an up and coming trend that is building steam quickly while simultaneously becoming a staple search term when looking for real estate. Believe it or not, but the first showing is now happening ONLINE! Who likes hearing about or getting access to something before all of your friends and family? EVERYONE! Providing inside information about properties before they hit the market gives buyers and investors an inside edge on other buyer competition, plus gives them more time to plan ahead-which everyone appreciates!

Deliver top-notch marketing.

Innovative realtors understand the importance of doing research before inquiring about a new position. If they search your business online right now- what will they find? A lack luster social media presence with a template website or a one of a kind brand that embodies change and translucency? The power of having a unique marketing process is even discussed in one of Forbes recent articles. Need some ideas? The marketing you present to the public about your brand, is the same brand each agent will be signing his/her name to. Will they want to? Your brand, represents your agents. While your agents represent your brand. Does your marketing process show your potential agent clients the trust, value, and cohesiveness to expect if they were to move to your company? If they can trust and believe in your business- so will their clients.

Demonstrate white-glove customer service.

According to Peppers & Rogers Group research on MightyCall, “81 percent of companies that deliver excellent customer service outperform their competition.” If a customer calls to inquire about one of your agent properties- how is that communication handled? Is it memorable and informative, or overly salesy and a complete turnoff? It is imperative you supply agents with a unique set of points to use as an “ice breaker”, for both buyers and sellers. Awkward moments of hesitation and paper shuffling show the prospect your business is unorganized and inefficient. That easily warrants a hang up or negative reaction. Many agents will even scope out the prospective customer experience by pretending they are a buyer or seller before they apply to a new position! So ensure your customer experience process is as streamlined and impressive as possible! You NEVER KNOW who is on the other end of the phone.

Provide hands-on training.

Training is one of the most crucial support systems to offer within your organization. Mindflash offers great insight on this stating, “since new agents come from various backgrounds, you may find that they may or may not already have the sales and marketing experience needed to be successful. And, even if someone has previous sales experience, that doesn’t always translate directly into marketing and selling real estate. They’ll need to be trained to understand the market and identify opportunities to help them get inventory sold!” Top agents are always seeking new methods to continue increasing their business. They soak up new content and WANT to learn “new tricks” that make them even stronger of an asset to your business and their own. If you offer in house, hands on training, annual reviews, team building activities, lunch & learns or anything similar, you are on the right track. Top realtors are the ones paving the path for what the industry will look like in 20 years. If you tap into offering innovative, effective training tools- you are already a step ahead of your competition in building a bigger and better industry standard!

Develop an incentive program.

Incentives or perks are one major key to motivating your agents- not to mention separating yourself from your competition from a recruiting standpoint. According to Tom Ferry’s article, “87% of Real Estate agents fail after five years in the industry and this may be due to lack of internal drive.” Do you offer insurance, a private office, marketing/CRM/sales tools, company vehicle, higher commissions, support team, vacation, sick time, savings account, profit sharing, weekly lunches, etc.? All great ideas for offering additional value in joining your team/firm. Just like a first date, you must court them if indeed you seek a higher caliber of talent!

To re-cap, agents as a whole walk, talk, and sleep like a HERD of sheep. If you want to separate yourself and your business:

Find a unique selling proposition for your agents

Offer top notch marketing services

Provide white glove customer service to all clients

Make hands on training readily available

Pitch your innovative incentive program

Learn more about developing your own Marketing USP to help attract and retain top talent today. Don’t wait. Your competition is watching!!


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