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The Coming Soon Team 9/21/17

Are you promoting your listings before they hit MLS?

If the answer is no, keep reading.

If the answer is yes, I guarantee you are not maximizing it fully, 

so for you as well keep reading.

Many agents across the county put a sign rider out front that reads 'coming soon'. I bet you have seen one in your community or are even already using one. 

This is a sweeping trend that is becoming more and more prominent.

How has my brokerage been selling homes 58% faster than market average?

How have we increased showings by over 200%?

I guarantee that if you are already using a 'coming soon' sign, it is not connected to an online website. One that is nationwide, and helps capture serious buyers looking to get ahead of the market, even before your sellers open the door.

PS: If you are a Zillow coming soon soon user, that is an effective tool as well, but yet another small piece to a larger puzzle!

I also guarantee you do not have a unique selling proposition, exclusive to just you and your agents, to help capture more listings while selling them faster and for more money than ever before. 

What would your sellers rather do...
join the crowd or attract a crowd? 

I promise if you are looking for the exclusive leg up on your competition, this is a strategy and online solution that is well worth 5 minutes of your consideration. ​Check in with us and see if a spot is still left in your city.

 Why not join a program that has it all done for you already? 

With customizable features like receiving your own free Coming Soon Homes website, or monthly curated social content, climb the ranks to becoming or staying the most dominating listing team or company in your market. 

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