The Facebook Scandal and What it Means for Real Estate

This month in Europe and in the United States, all eyes have been on Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. Those eyes haven’t been filled with admiration, but scrutiny. Here’s why:The Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal: What is it?Aleksander Kogan, a r...

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"Coming Soon": A Better Way to Sell Real Estate

Written in rebuttal to this article, in which Richard Montgomery asserts that marketing a home before it hits MLS is a poor sales strategy.---Dear Richard:As we say in the South, “Bless your heart!”I couldn’t agree less with your article on pro...

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These Real Estate Agent Facebook Ads Just Don't Cut It

NOT EVERY AGENT CAN BE #1 So you're using Facebook to promote your listings -- that's great! You're already ahead of the competition that's NOT leveraging social media channels. But guess what? Slowly but surely, other agents are realizing that Face...

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Real Estate Recruiting: 5 Tips To Attract Innovative Agents

No matter what Indeed, Zip Recruiter, or LinkedIn promise, finding good talent is never easy. The rule of thumb should always be quality over quantity when searching for top talent to join your real estate team or brokerage.  American author,...

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Are you promoting your listings before they hit MLS?

Are you promoting your listings before they hit MLS?If the answer is no, keep reading.If the answer is yes, I guarantee you are not maximizing it fully, so for you as well keep reading.Many agents across the county put a sign rider out front tha...

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