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Jackie Edwards 8/16/18

With the smart home market expected to receive a 250% boost between 2017 and 2019, the long awaited arrival of home automation is finally here. Products such as the Amazon Echo and the Apple Homepod are integrating houses with tech to make everyday living more convenient. However, what about buying a new house? Before you can install any of this technology, you need to find your perfect property. Here’s how modern technology can make you a smart house hunter. You can also use the information below to more effectively sell a property.

Checking Out Neighborhoods Online

Virtually everything about a potential property is now available online, meaning less reasons than ever to visit the physical location. Of course, visiting a property before you buy is still a good idea, but you won’t need to make multiple trips back and forth if you use the latest technology. Simply search the address online and you’ll have all the information you need.

From using Google Street View to discover how pretty and clean a street is to loading online maps to discover the closest bars, shops and transports stops. You can even look up crime statistics for your postcode as well as instantly see how a property’s price compares to a similar home in another area.

Virtual Home Tours

Beyond exploring the neighborhood, it is now easier than ever to get a good sense of the inside of a property. Using tech in your house search can enable you to take a virtual walk around a property, getting a sense of the size and layout. There’s no need to schedule a viewing with the agent of current occupier either. Any time you want to take a look, fire it up on your phone or laptop.

360 degree cameras create videos which are viewed for an average of 28.81% longer than regular videos containing the same content. This shows that the format is not only fun, but has more to offer to the viewer. You can spend time really zooming in on key features of a property, while processing so much more information than previous technology allowed.

Searching On the Go

With work and personal commitments, sometimes it just doesn’t feel like there is time in the day to find a new house. This is where the rise of smartphones and apps are making all the difference. You can now search through thousands of property listings while on a work break, during a commute or while waiting for the dentist. If you want to be a smart house hunter, then take advantage of this technology because your dream home might just pop up when you least expect it.

Modern and futuristic homes are an exciting investment which could make your life easier and more fun on a daily basis. However, before you live in your new house you need to find it. Technology can be of a real benefit here, helping you to research a neighborhood and visit the inside of homes, all on a simple smartphone app at whatever time is convenient.

Loosing Out On Your Future Home

It is becoming more frequent that home buyers are loosing out on finding their dream home due to immense home buyer competition. Real estate housing inventory is low, and by the time you find a home online and drive by, a sold sign is already out front. How disappointing! 

Instead, of being the last to know, be the first! Increase your odds and be one of the smartest home buyers in town by finding your dream home BEFORE other home buyer competition finds out. gives home buyers and investors an inside look at what homes in real estate are preparing for market, before showings begin.

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