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Kate Stefano 7/29/19

What is a flex space? 

Got an extra room, closet, space, or nook in your house that you’re just not sure what to do with? You’re not alone! Over the past decade, “flex rooms” (aka “flex spaces,” “bonus spaces,” and “multipurpose rooms”) have gained popularity in home design. As a matter of fact, more and more people are seeking out homes with flex space! Flex space can be either an entire room or just an area in your home designated as a specialty space that fits your lifestyle. One of the many benefits of flex space is that you can adapt the space to fit your changing interests and needs.

What can you do with a flex space?

The possibilities are truly endless with flex space!

That said, ask yourself these questions before deciding on a theme or function: 

  • How large is the space?
  • Is there a bathroom attached or nearby?
  • What rooms/areas of the house is it near?
  • Is it easily accessible?
  • Does the space have cable and/or Wifi?
  • What kind of flooring?
  • Is there adequate lighting/windows?

Your answers to the questions above can help you decide what to do with the flex space in your home and if your idea is feasible. Then, you can start creating a plan to bring your vision to life! Here are some flex space ideas we have come up with to help you get started: 

  • Gym
  • Yoga/meditation room
  • Hobby room
  • Media/theater room
  • Dance room
  • Home office
  • Library
  • Man or babe cave
  • Game room
  • Dream walk-in closet
  • Spare bedroom
  • Music room 


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There are a plethora of perks to using your flex space as a home gym: no commute, no waiting in line for equipment, and no worrying about whether the gym sanitary (hopefully). Instead, you will be able to exercise at your convenience! Even if you have to purchase some equipment for the space, you’ll save money in the long run: In comparison to paying for a gym membership or personal trainer, you will potentially save a good chunk of change.

Meditation/yoga room: 

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Leave your cell phone and electronics at the door, and shut off from the world in this simple, yet effective, idea for a room or space. For the meditation room, adding some calming candles an essential oil diffuser, a chic rug (click here for a cheaper option), and decorative pillows can give the room or space an ultra-zen vibe. Bonus points if you add a fountain or waterfall! 

If you plan to do a combination room of yoga and meditation, adding some yoga mats and mirrors would be perfect, final touches! Include a couple of towel racks to hang sweaty yoga mats and air-out towels. In addition, this flex space can be outdoors as well. Got a corner of your backyard you don’t use? Use that as your meditation and yoga space. 

Meditation isn’t just a gimmick, the value of the meditation market is set to double from $1.2 billion in 2017 to $2 billion by 2022. According to Self magazine, “meditating actually changes your brain, and with it, the way your body responds to stress. That means meditating can work wonders on depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.” Taking even 5 minutes a day can work wonders on mental health!

Hobby room:

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From crafting to writing, a hobby room is a space where you can go to let your creativity run wild. For those of you who want a multipurpose flex space, creating a hobby room may be the perfect project for you because the crafting area doesn’t have to take up the whole room. By utilizing a desk or table to craft/sew you’ll have a small, dedicated space to store your supplies that won’t take up the entire room. If you are working with paint or products that can spill, we suggest opting for hardwood, tile or laminate flooring instead of carpet. By adding a desk and gathering all the supplies you need in an organized fashion, your next masterpiece awaits! 

Media/theater room:

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