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Nicole Deluca 4/22/21

How to Triple Your Lead Gen on a Coming Soon Homes® listing...

One of our partners just received a whopping 55 leads from a single Facebook post

You're probably thinking: How did they do it?

Well, here's how: They are consistently using some of the best practices when it comes to marketing their Coming Soon listings!

Here are are 8 things you can do today to boost your lead generation:

8 Ways to Dramatically Increase Your 'Coming Soon' Leads:

  1. Use pro, HD photoslots of them! Each photo is a hook to lure your prospective buyer.
  2. Let the photos speak for themselves. You don’t need to drag your professional photos into photo editing programs and shrink them down, write all over them, or spangle them with fancy graphics. Often, these graphics take away from the beauty of the home. 
  3. Show only external home photos for Coming Soon posts. That way, the prospective buyer needs to click your link to see inside the home.
  4. Good grammar goes a long way. It helps to convey that you’re professional, credible, and attentive to detail.
  5. Include the date the home is available for showings in the post text. It makes the post feel more informative and less like click bait.
  6. Get your team, friends, and family to like, share, and comment on your posts. If, at a glance, several people seem interested in your post, it will naturally pique the audience’s curiosity. Additionally, social media channels like Facebook love engagement; their algorithms are built to reward engaging posts by serving them up to their users sooner and more frequently.
  7. Save your advertising budget for listings that will be more niche. You don’t need to put money behind every listing you have. Use niche, popular listings to drive traffic to your Coming Soon Homes website.
  8. Find your own voice and visuals. There are many creative, effective ways to drive traffic to your Coming Soon Homes listings. Integrate some of these strategies into your current marketing plan and/or come up with new ones that work for you!

Teach Your Audience to Favorite Their Listings!

In this exciting seller's market, prospective homebuyers are hungry for an advantage over their competition.     

We've created social media graphics to help buyers understand how creating a free Coming Soon Homes account gives them an edge to win their dream homes.

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