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Kate Stefano 11/19/19

The holidays are upon us! It’s time to get ready for all the food, fun, friends and family that are about to descend on your home. Follow this list, and you’ll be able to sit back, relax and spread holiday cheer in no time. 


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Before you even touch the vacuum, take a walk through your home and put away any stray items lying around. While you’re at it, give surfaces a quick dusting. With all the food, drinks, decorations and gifts to come, you’ll want to be working with a clutter-free space. 

Consider investing in some decorative baskets or storage bins to neatly store excess items you won’t be needing over the holidays. This is also a good time to set aside piles of clothing and other household items that can be donated. Just make sure you get to the donation center before your guests arrive!


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You might think you need to set aside a couple of hours (or more) to deep clean your

kitchen, but we advise against that! Make it a point to wipe down the counters, microwave, and fridge. Then, give the floors a quick sweep. Whether you’re having 5 or 50 guests, the kitchen is bound to get messy while whipping up all your holiday goodies. Save the deep clean for after the holidays!

Even if you are headed to grandma’s house, it’s always a great feeling to come home to a clean kitchen! Additionally, clear out anything in your fridge that can rot while your away. If you are hosting, make sure there is ample room in your fridge for all the extra holiday food (stock up on Tupperware!).