Kate Stefano 6/5/19

No matter how big or small your business is, social media is a great marketing tool for any company. With over 3.04 billion active users worldwide, social media marketing will not only bring in new leads, but also create brand awareness, open the dialogue between you and your clients, increase website traffic, and build a digital, on-brand experience that will keep your audience coming back for more. 

1. Boost Audience Engagement

In modern day society, having a powerful online presence is the key to staying relevant and bringing in new leads. Got a new listing? Want to share a new video or photo about your business? With social media, you can make that happen with just one click! 

Your business pages are a platform to share relevant, engaging content and showcase your brand’s personality and voice. According to a survey conducted by GWI, internet users are now spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking and messaging platforms. Engaging your target audience consistently with compelling content is the key to increasing exposure and cultivating a dedicated following while also attracting new leads. 

Too busy or overwhelmed to create engaging, on-brand content each week? We’re here to help! Check out our Coming Soon Homes marketing program for proven results on increasing your following and bringing in more leads online. 

2. Gain More Leads 

There are many ways to gain leads and find new clients on social media. Whether your business is on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other major social media platforms, there is always potential to bring in new leads. That said, using social media to bring in new leads can be trickier than you think. With ever-changing algorithms, mastering the science of posting to social media is difficult. However, there is light at the end of your Instagram feed! From running a contest or producing an impressive listing video to creating ad campaigns to reach new clients, there is so much potential to rake in new followers and leads. Studies have shown that 93% of businesses gain a new customer due to a video posted on social media. That’s huge! Without creating a presence online through social media, it will be increasingly difficult to bring in new clients, and your competition may take advantage of this strategy. 

3. Create an Open Dialogue Between You and Your Clients 

This one is more important than you think! Each interaction on social media is another way to show how dedicated you are to your clients. Whether it’s a negative or positive comment, engaging with your audience shows that you care about the happiness and satisfaction of your clientele. In addition, answering questions about real estate, a specific listing or an open house shows that your business makes customer satisfaction a priority, which can solidify customer loyalty to your business. 

4. Boost Website Traffic 

Curating compelling content on your social media platforms can help with creating more diverse inbound traffic streams to your website. Every piece of content posted to your social media pages has the potential to lead clients to your businesses website and increase traffic. Take the time to captivate your clients with authenticity, for example, a behind the scenes Instagram story of your business. People prefer to do business with companies that are not only relatable, but reliable. According to Social Media Examiner, over 51% of marketers claimed that taking the time to develop relationships with consumers showed positive results in sales. The more of a positive impression you leave on your audience, the more likely they are to think of your business for all their real estate needs. 

People love to talk and express themselves through engaging content—that’s what social networking websites were created for! Building exposure for your business online through an atmosphere where people are liking, sharing, commenting, and talking has a huge potential to boost your conversion rates. 

5. Build Brand Awareness

Last but certainly not least, creating a compelling on-brand experience consistently across all platforms is vital to staying relevant in real estate social media marketing. Whether it’s a multimillion dollar property or an affordable home for a first time homebuyer, your content should be immediately recognizable to your audience, and match the design aesthetic (or style) of your social media profiles. Your branding (logos, colors, and fonts) should be visually pleasing, cohesive, and easy to follow. Excellent branding works wonders for a business. Not only does branding give people an idea about your company’s identity, culture, and core values, but the brand continuity across your social media channels makes your company seem more self-aware and credible.

 What To Do About It

If you haven’t already, it’s time to ride the social media marketing train. This is just the beginning of the social networking revolution, so hop on that train before it leaves the station. Need help getting  started? Leave it to us! Instead of starting to promote listings once they are “show-ready,” start building a buzz weeks or months before your sellers open the doors for showings! Have a property that needs time to handle repairs? That home is a perfect candidate! Have a seller who needs more time to move out? That home is a perfect candidate! Join our Coming Soon Homes marketing program for authentic, branded, and engaging content for your “Coming Soon” listings, and gain national exposure through a program only a limited number of agents have access to. 

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