The Coming Soon Team 3/17/17

There is a lot of controversy regarding coming soon listings within the real estate industry and we want to go ahead and clear the air!

MLS boards across the country want to maintain control over the each market, and manage all the data that we siphon into their databases. If you think about it, this puts each and every MLS in a very powerful position over our industry. Similar to Google and Facebook, those who control the data, can manage and do anything they desire. 

The time has come for agents to be more innovative at providing clients with the best experience possible. An experience that offers unique services that set you apart from the MLS, disruptive technology, and your own agent competition. Adding a listing to MLS and relying on them to do the work for you by distributing it to other websites is helpful for automation and potential 'reach' sake. But in most cases, you do not want to rely on this as your only tool and method of promotion.

Why not attract all the home buyers and not just the first few?

Why not do everything you can to promote your listings, instead of relying on only one main method?

Our team here at Coming Soon Homes believes that the way you introduce your home to the market makes all the difference. Similar to top brands like Apple and Nike, these companies have mastered the art of the launch. In industries like film, music, or retail these also find it essential to pre-promote before a new release of a concert, movie, or product. The same process and end result works for real estate! 

While hundreds of thousands of real estate agents do their own "version" of 'coming soon' listings, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Many agents have a sign out front that reads 'coming soon', but sadly do not capture the potential leads of interested buyers driving by as efficiently as they should. In addition they may pair that with a Facebook post or even some mailers to the local community. This is what we believe an average agent does. But a Coming Soon Homes agent has access to an arsenal of continuously growing assets that can help any home seller maximize the sale of their home. 


Regarding the methods average agents use, many allow showings while the property is still 'coming soon'. We do not believe in that method, simply because it is not fair to everyone. Many agents allow only their own buyers agents inside beforehand, which yet again is an unfair advantage to the entire market. Our methodology is based on a fair advantage to the entire public, nationwide, including represented and unrepresented buyers, investors, and all agents. 

Coming Soon Homes uniquely structured our coming soon process, based off mastermind RE/MAX agent, broker owner, and mega team leader- Marti Hampton. With over 4,900 homes sold by her team alone, she has utilized this system through a buyers and sellers market, including the economic downturn. Marti has experienced years of legal conversations, MLS meetings, and negotiations to help educate the real estate community of how to properly utilize and structure an effective and fair coming soon strategy.

We follow a few standard "rules", but keep in mind we can create a customized process that works WITH your local MLS regulations, and not against them. 

First, we have a signed listing agreement in hand before moving forward with any home seller.

Second, we allow NO SHOWINGS within the coming soon time period.

Third, we have the home seller and agent sign a temporary exclusion document or pre-MLS waiver. 

These 3 steps have dramatically changed the methodology behind a coming soon promotion!

If you would like to learn more and see how a coming soon strategy would work in your market, click here.

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